Motorcycles Breathable Strengthens Gear Professional Spring Knee

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Motorcycles Breathable Basketball Cycling Running Strengthens Gear Professional Spring Knee   Description:   Product Name: metal spring professional sports Knee High comfort, the introduction of new technologies AUTO JUSTABLE FIT comfort Super-breathable, application-specific technology and ultra breathable perforated inner fabric of new Ultra-supporting force of the metal springs supporting the supporting force reaches 100%, the effect is excellent Suitable for: Riding basketball climbers badminton enthusiasts This paragraph knee advantages and effects: Fitness enthusiasts knee injury, need protection personnel 1 brake pressure shock absorption, insulation, because the pores in summer, but also need insulation) 2 built-in spring, better shock effects play a supporting role 3 using the new material with good elasticity breathable insulation advantages of fast 4 lengthened design, 47CM less knee circumference of everyone. (Meaning that more than 98% of the whole Chinese people can use) Also known sport of basketball knee knee knee knee knee riding mountaineering tennis badminton knee knee brace to strengthen the internal spring   Specifications:    Material:Cotton Age:Adult Model Number:Kneepad Size:Size adjustable, flexible adjustment has good flexibility.  Color: Black   Package included:   1X Motorcycle Spring Knee  


Заказанный вами товар отправляется транспортными компаниями до пунктов выдачи в вашем городе, либо курьером по указанному адресу. Не забудьте правильно указать полный точный адрес доставки, чтобы получить Motorcycles Breathable Strengthens Gear Professional Spring Knee вовремя.


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