4Pcs LED Solar Energy Car Wheel Tire Flash Light Valve Cap RGB Lamp with Remote Controller

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Description:1. Solar energy can be absorbed and saved in high effciency solar cells, efficient and environmentally friendly.2. Builtin highcapacity battery, with no memory effect and a long service life.3. Inported high brightness LED Chips, to avoid accidents while drivng at nights and to decorate.4. While driving at night, flashing function can be activated with the help of lightcontrol and microvibration sensor system.5. It will shut down automatically 30 seconds after parking.6. Corrosion / aging / high temperature resistance, excellent waterproof performance.Specification:Shell Color: silverLight Color: 7 RGB colorsLED Quantity: 18 LED Blubs (16 Side Bulbs + 2 Inner Bulbs)Flash Type Mode: 17 flashing modesPower(LED): Solar energyBattery (Remote Control): CR2025 battery (included)Size: as the picture showsUse:1. In the dark, press the button 45 seconds after the opening,and one more time press the button 45 seconds you can shut down;2. Mode selection,press the button can change the light flashing mode.Mount:1. Remove with a small screwdriver to the car LOGO;2. Measure the numercical value of lamp dismeter for the LOGO;3. Use a screwdriver to loosen the clamp pin diameter positioning screw;4. According to the measurement of the diameter,average adjustment of four cards, and then tighten the foour screws;5. Measuring height value card foot original LOGO;6. According to the measured heighted of the card's foot, the position should be inserted into the slot in which the positioning buckle    is inserted.The long side near lights.7. The spring card in four pin buckle in the medial, intermediate position feet,in ordor to ensure the card pins.8. Put the item into the position of the original LOGO.Note:1. Pls charge more than 2 hours in the sun before use.2. When using this product,pls put the car outdoor dor charge,pay attention to both sides of the sun.3. Regular cleaning solar panel surface,in order to ensure normal work.4. Pls tighten all screws,firm installation prosucts to avoid the product of the wheel to rotate at high speed.5. Pls allow 12mm error due to manual measuremPackage Inlcuded:4 X Solar Wheel Tire Valve Cap Lights1 X Remote Controller1 X Screwdriver1 X Manual


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