MHS-5200P+ Digital Dual-channel DDS Signal Generator Arbitrary Waveform Generator (frequency: 25MHz)

Описание и характеристики

MHS-5200P+ Digital Dual-channel DDS Signal Generator Arbitrary Waveform Generator 6MHz-25MHzFour frequency for you to choose: 6MHz, 12MHz, 20MHz, 25MHz Please choose the one you need.Feature:1, Direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, FPGA design, low power consumption;2, Dual output, can work in sync phase adjustable;3, With up to 600 seconds of linear and logarithmic sweep sweep function;4, With a sine wave, the basic function waveform triangle wave, square wave, sawtooth rise, falling sawtooth and variable duty cycle of the pulse wave, but also has 16 sets of arbitrary waveform customized by the user;5, With M0 ~ M9 total of 10 sets of parameters stored bits M0 boot automatically transferred out of data;6, At 15MHz or less, the sharpest of up to 15Vp-p, more than 12MHz, the biggest reach 8Vp-p;7, Built sophisticated -20dB attenuator reach the minimum amplitude resolution 1mV;8, With 120% ~ + 120% DC bias function;9, Pulse duty cycle adjust accurate to 0.1%;10, With four variable phase difference of TTL output;11, Has a frequency measurement, period measurement, positive and negative pulse width measurement, duty cycle measurements and counting function;12, Four optional frequency measurement gate time, which strike a balance between speed and accuracy;13, All parametric EQ calibration can be performed by internal procedures;14, Powerful communications features, completely open communications protocol, the secondary development becomes very simple;15, After the connection with the PC, the PC can be used to control the instrument, and can be edited on the PC arbitrary waveform output waveform is downloaded to the instrument.16, This model machine can be equipped with an increase in power module, the signal output amplitude reaches 30Vpp, the maximum output current reaches 1A;The difference between MHS-5200P and MHS-5200P+, two models of the power amplifier parameters are as follows: Project MHS-5200P (ordinary) MHS-5200P+ (broadband-type) Signal bandwidth DC (0kHz-80kHz) DC (0kHz-5MHz) Output signal amplitude 30mVp-p to 30Vp-p 30mVp-p to 30Vp-p Maximum output current 1A 300mA Maximum power output 15W*2 (dual-channel amplifier) 4.5W*2 (dual-channel amplifier) Output short circuit protection Yes (limiting) Yes (limiting) Output impedance ≤1Ω ≤1Ω Output phase In phase with the signal terminal With the signal terminal of the inverter Distortion


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